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Building networks with purpose 

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What is Relationship Development? 

You’ll know how important it is in the current context to develop key relationships, to collaborate and influence stakeholders across the sector and beyond. 


We need to make connections and build relations with the right people. Yet many of us aren’t natural ‘networkers’ and often associate it with ‘schmoozing’ or ‘selling’ or may not even see the point in it. The good news is that once you know how to do it effectively and with authenticity, it is easy to do, creates good outcomes and is hugely rewarding.


Think for a moment what a trusted and effective network could do, for you and your colleagues.  


  • How could it enhance what you do?  
  • What opportunities would that create for you and your department? 

And think about your students and the support and confidence you could give them in developing professional relationships.

  • How effective could they be if they started accelerating their professional network while at University?
  • What opportunities for employment or entrepreneurship would open up to them?


Relationships matter and that’s why we do what we do. We help people be better at it.


How we can help you


  • 1-1 coaching with managers and leaders in relationship management
  • Team Specific interventions for: Schools, Professional Services, Research & Enterprise and Business Development Teams
  • Staff Development workshops and seminars
  • Student Employability and Student Enterprise workshops and talks*
  • Keynote Speakers for staff conferences and events 


*we currently offer a complimentary Asentiv workshop for students (enquire for further details)  

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We would be delighted to talk to you about how Asentiv can apply to your area of responsibility and how we can align these to your objectives and your University’s strategic themes.


John Drysdale


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John will be speaking on Relationship Development on Nov 29th at the SDF Festival of Learning & Development 2020, for the ‘Strengthening human centred strategies, approaches and resources’ strand. 


Learning with us:

  • Staff Development   
  •  Team Development and Away Days
  • Keynote Talks 
  • Coaching & Mentoring Skills Development  
  • ILM Qualifications (Coaching & Mentoring) 
  • Executive Coaching 

Learning Online

All our Online Sessions are delivered in an engaging and impactful way, maximising learning time and ensuring learners have new strategies that can be easily applied within the sector. 

Understand how to build your network


... your network of advocates who can be your best source of opportunity.


... through emotions and develop lasting relationships.


...  your skills and knowledge by surrounding yourself with people who share the same purpose.